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Spare parts for Wheelabrator shot blasting machine

Wheelabrator Mexico

We are authorized distributors of the Wheelabrator brand, offering its wide range of spare parts for Pangborn, DISA, GOFF and BMD shot blasting machines.

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Spare parts for Wheelabrator shot blasting machine

​Spare parts for shot blasting machine / Shot launching unit

  • Spare parts for Wheelabrator shot blasting machine

  • Spare parts for Pangborn shot blasting machine

  • Spare parts for BMD shot blasting machine

  • Spare parts for GOFF shot blasting machine

  • Spare parts for Tumblast / belt type shot blasting machine

  • Spare parts for table shot blasting machine

  • Spare parts for suspended load shot blasting machine

Wheelabrator shot blasting turbine

Wheelabrator Shot Throwing Unit

Complete shot throwing units designed to provide high performance in the most demanding conditions. Pre-assembled for immediate placement in the shot blasting machine.

Wheelabrator Shot Blasting Spare Parts

Wheelabrator Shot Blasting Wheel Replacement Kits

​Critical wear resistant parts include complete abrasive wheel assemblies, tune-up kits, wheel guard housing liners and everything is guaranteed to fit properly.

  • O-Ring

  • Impeller / Impeller

  • Control Cage / Control cage

  • Control Cage Adapter / Control Cage Adapter

  • Centering Plate

  • Blade

  • Wheel Assembly / Blade Holder

  • hub

  • Liners, Lid, Housing. / Coverings, lid.

Industrial finger seal Curtain

Finger seals for Wheelabrator shot blasting booth / Rubber Finger seal

Monorail or walk-through type shot blasting machines use several Hawaiian seals for the cabinet and vestibule openings. These hawaiian seals act as shot containment devices, while allowing parts and ventilation air to enter the cabin. Stamps come in various sizes and materials.

shot blasting belt

Wheelabrator rubber belt for Tumblast type shot blasting machine

Wheelabrator rubber belts for Tumblast shot blasting machines are made from the #1 abrasion-resistant, multi-ply Rubber Manufacturers Association quality material.
Turbina granalladora Wheelabrator

Low carbon steel shot (bainitic)

Our range of low carbon bainitic steel shot features a bainitic microstructure that is more durable. Its suitable hardness (HRC42-48/48-54) helps to obtain high shot blasting efficiency and good treatment effects. Compared with high carbon steel shot, bainitic low carbon steel shot helps users save up to 50% of comprehensive shot blasting cost due to its excellent property of long life, low dust and high efficiency. of work.

Turbina granalladora Wheelabrator

Dust Collector Filter Cartridge

Cartridge collectors are cost-effective for small-scale dust control due to their compact design. Our fleet of cartridge collectors can process a wide range of gas and material streams at operating temperatures up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit.

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